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  Fozzy - Born The Anger Şarkı Sözleri (Lyrics)
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Fozzy - Born The Anger Şarkı Sözleri (Lyrics)

Winter's breath feels so cold
Calling chaos from control
Depths of madness to unfold
As my inner demons feed

A battery that's charged inside
Powering my redrum ride
Dr. Jeckyll quickly turns to Hyde

Now there's no blood left to bleed

Born of anger
Blinded by the rage that burns in me
Born of anger
Driving me insane I can't break free

Stare into my lifeless eyes
Feel the flames of hatred rise
Fueled by my accuser's lies
I'm a man without redemption

On broken glass I walk alone
A bed of nails I call my home
Veins of ice and heart of stone
A tribute to aggression

Don't waste your time to understand me
Psychoanalyze and pry just so you can brand me
I am the child of hope that has died
Twisting and turning with venom inside
From this world I am freed only then you will see
The monster you have made...
Of me

Solitude becomes my song
Silence slowly screams along
The choir's chorus heard so strong
The symphony begins

An impulse sent straight to my brain
One false move against my grain
Violence erupts again
The madness always wins

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