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  Pascale Picard - Thinking Of It
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Alt 11-10-2009, 03:37 #1
~Sanma Şâhım ~


Pascale Picard - Thinking Of It

Feel the way I feel
A taste of what’s real
You’d wish you could fly away
It always seems to ease
The sweet ol’ kiss of nicotine
Sunday I’ll quit smoking
Another promise up high on my list
Of promises never kept
As I walk along this coldPascale Picard - Thinking Of It wet street
Hoping to cross Mr. RightPascale Picard - Thinking Of It
Some stupid weirdo
aaaaas my silencePascale Picard - Thinking Of It barking at me
“Hey little girlPascale Picard - Thinking Of It wanna go for a ride?!”
Another shitty dayPascale Picard - Thinking Of It but I let it slide
For a moment it made me stop

Thinking of it
Stop thinking of it

I got back home and screamed
But I don’t think it was loud enough
To bury that sadness
‘Cause it really doesn’t seem to become weaker
Now where’s my pride
As I search for pennies
I leave a note on the table
That no one’s gonna readPascale Picard - Thinking Of It
“Just gone drinking”
Where am I? What’s that place?
How did I get there?
Excuse me sirPascale Picard - Thinking Of It but what’s your name?
A few more reasons to blame myself
As if I haven’t got it all figured out
I’m so sorryPascale Picard - Thinking Of It but not that sorry
‘Cause for a moment it just made me stop

Thinking of it
Stop thinking of it

YeahPascale Picard - Thinking Of It I got your letter
But I threw it out
Would I have felt better
Reading 2 pages aaaa of shit about how I’m a bitch?
Maybe it would have made me stronger
But right now I need to sleep
And then I swear to you that I’ll be alright
But give up
Hang up that stupid phone
And please help me stop

Thinking of it
Stop thinking of it

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Alt 11-10-2009, 13:35 #2
Morfin //

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